Alabama Hills Sunrise

Alabama Hills Sunrise

A cold and windy winter morning at Alabama Hills.

This was another morning where I had to settle with not much of light hitting the mountains tops due to the storm that was gonna hit the region that evening. But it still turned out to be a very pretty sight.

Alabama Hills is located very close to Lone Pine, CA. Its just a 10 min drive to this place. Its also very famous for movies as a lot of westerns have been shot here and the road that passes through these hills is actually named Movie Road. Its a very nice dirt road, but due to the cold and some left over rain puddles, it was icy in certain patches. It is very funny when you are the first one to drive over it and hearing the cracking sounds of the ice. The mind can trick you thinking you broke something … ha ha.

Here is the exact location from where this shot was taken

The movie road is full of opportunities for various compositions. Also during the milky way season, this location will be a must visit. I’ve a few more trips lined up to explore more around this location. For now will have to just settle with another sunrise shot.

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