Brewing of a Storm, Yosemite

Brewing of a Storm, Yosemite
Tech Info: Nikon D300s | Tokina 12-24 @12mm | ISO 200 | f/11 | 1/160 s | B+W Polarizer
Brewing of a storm as it heads to Yosemite National Park.
While returning from a weekend getaway to Yosemite National Park with family, noticed this cloud formation and I had to do a quick stop to get a shot at it.
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Lower Falls of Yellowstone

Lower Yellowstone Falls
Tech Info: Nikon D90 | 18-105 @90mm | ISO 200 | f/8 | 1/200 sec
As the Yellowstone rivers makes it way from the lake and takes a dip in altitude, you first get the Upper falls and then this one called the Lower Falls of Yellowstone. The Upper falls is at about ~100 ft and this one is ~300 ft. From this point, the river wades its way through the grand canyon of Yellowstone. The view of this Lower Falls was taken from the vantage point called Artist Point – very rightly named!
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Up in the Air – II

Up in the Air - II

Tech Info: Nikon D90 | 50mm | ISO 200 | f/5.6 | 1/20 sec

You might enjoy this in large.

This was shot during our flight to Yellowstone National Park in sep 2009. The flight had just taken off and was headed east which meant some lovely morning light. For the first few minutes, I just sat there at the window gazing at these awesome cloud formations and completely forgot that I had the camera in my hand. After I realized what an idiot I was, then it was so much fun in trying to capture these.
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Misty Trees

Misty Trees

Tech Info: Nikon D300s | 50mm | ISO 200 | f/8 | 1/180 sec

Still digging from the archives as I haven’t been able to go out. This was taken last year at the great Yosemite National Park during a winter workshop from RadiantScape.

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Care for a drink?

Care for Drink?

Tech Info: HDR from 5 exposures using Nikon D300s on a gorilla pod with Tokinaa 12-24 @22mm, ISO 200 at f/10. Exposures ranging from 1/6 sec to 2 secs

Actually I would have if I had some company 😉

This shot was taken en route to Inida last year. Usually most of my friends prefer to have short layovers so that they can reach their destination faster. But due to my back problem, I prefer to have longer layovers. This gives me some time to give the back much needed rest and I pretty much stay in a hotel. Most of the airports have some kind of transit hotel and I’ve used Singapore airport hotel (Ambassador) for majority of my trips and recently during this trip it was the Dubai’s International Hotel in Terminal 3.
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