McArthur Burney Falls

AMcArthur Burney Falls

A quick visit to McArthur Burney Falls while picking up a car for a friend

A friend of mine was looking for a new car and had his eyes set on Ford Bronco. The markups on them were exorbitant around bay area, so he found a dealer up north who was willing to be reasonable. We convinced another guy to join us for a quick 2 day trip to the location.

We picked up the new car and drove to the entrance of Lassen Volcanic National Park and were goofying on a frozen Manzanita Lake 🙂 By the time we reached Burney Falls, the best light had already disappeared. Though my friends had mentioned that if I don’t get the shot, then we’ll stay overnight and make another visit next day, I didn’t have the heart to do that as they were really tired. We reached home a bit late at night but it was a good drive and overall a nice and pleasant visit.

But this location definitely needs another visit during midday light. I’m hoping the sun would be right on top of the falls and would make a nice focal point. I still need to explore some foreground formations that I’d like to include in the picture. Hopefully I’ll make another visit soon during a family vacation and get the shot I’ve on my mind.

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