Moody Sunrise

Warm Winter Sunrise

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.


Out of all the things I like to do, one of them is to visit some locations specifically in winter. During Christmas break managed to spend couple of days in the eastern sierras region. Winter in the mountains would be beautiful anywhere in the world, but the sierras have a special mix in the air which makes you feel alive!

I had planned for a bunch of spots around the entire eastern sierras range. One of them was this location near big Pines. The image I was going after was sunlight hitting the peaks of the snowcapped mountains. Due to a storm rolling in there was absolutely no sunlight. Instead it turned out to be very cloudy. This gave a soft lighting which was diffused. But it also helped to give a nice pop to the colors.

The location is very close to Big Pines. There is a small section of dirt road which gets you closer to Owens river. After that, there’s another stretch of very slushy off-road which gets you right to the spot. The previous day, as part of scouting locations I had made the trip to this very spot. I could literally just get out and shoot. Out of the bloom I feared that if I get stuck out here it would be a pain to get out by myself. So next morning morning I took the safe route of parking it on the dirt road and hiking to the spot.

Here is a shot of my 4runner which aced snow and dirt like a pro 🙂

Here is the location on google maps which shows the parked location and the spot of this shot.

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