Searching for Geminids

Searching for Geminids

Whack-A-Mole with Geminids!

This was shot in December, 2020. I had learnt pretty late that there would be a meteor shower in the Gemini constellation (Geminids). Since there wasn’t any time left to head out to a less light polluted area, I went to a nearby hiking trail.

Of course, this location wasn’t free of light pollution, but I was hoping that I’d get some sightings at least. I was lucky to see so many of them and I kept missing to capture them even though I was pointed in the right direction. One of the frames caught one at the top end. After the show was over, I decided that I’d place myself in the shot with my head lamp on.

The final shot is a composite of me with my head lamp on and that of a single meteor. The only consolation was that I got to witness it and it indeed was beautiful. I can only imagine how it’d be if I was in say Death Valley 🙂

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