Ferris Wheel, Foster City

Ferris Wheel, Foster City
Tech Info: Nikon D300s | Tokina 12-24 @12mm | ISO 200 | f/16 | 5s
A shot of the Ferris Wheel which was put up for the Arts & Wine Festival in Foster City.
Arts & Wine festivals are conducted every year around the cities here and I’ve managed to find some reason or the other to not be present for it. The very first year of my stay, I wasn’t even interested in it. After getting a camera, I’m wondering what had kept me away for so long, though I still have to visit one. Hopefully next year I’ll make it.
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Sunset Over Foster City

Sunset Over Foster City

Tech Info: 2 exposures combined using D300s | 50 mm | ISO 200 | f/11 for 1/3 s and f/9 for 30s.

After picking up this hobby, I’ve got some really talented flickr friends whose work are jaw-dropping. Two of those are Daniel and Rajesh. They are the masters of digital blending. After following their work for sometime, I was inspired to practice the art of blending multiple exposures, especially the sunset/sunrise shots.
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San Mateo Bridge

San Mateo Bridge

Tech Info: Single exposure from Nikon D300s using Tokina 12-24 @24mm with Hoya NDX400, ISO 100, f/22 for 61 sec.

The tech info that you see is not a typo. The exposure was indeed 61 seconds and that too just after noon. The reason I was able to get such a long exposure time during broad daylight is by attaching a Hoya NDX400 filter to the lens. This filter reduces the light by 9 stops and thats a huge amount of reduction in the intensity. Also I stopped the lens down to f/22 and reduced the amount of ISO which I generally use; from 200 to 100.

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Foster City Skyline

Foster City Skyline

Tech Info: Single exposure with Nikon D300s using 50mm prime, ISO 200, f/5.6 for 15 sec with +1EV

Another friend of mine got bitten by the shutter bug, a Nikon D7000 to be precise. He took a long time to get a tripod and finally when he did, it was a good one. I remember when I got my first tripod; all the excitement of trying out new gear and I was so eager to go out that I would force my wife to visit places that she didn’t even want to think about. But now I’ve got couple of friends who are all showing some interest in getting into this. My wife is definitely pleased about that 🙂

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