Thunder – Week 5


Jun 25, 2020 – Week 5

It’s been another roller coaster ride kind of a week. On the bright side, Thunder got examined by his oncologist and he considers it to be almost in remission state. He still needs his oral chemo to be administered every 3-4 weeks. I was under the impression that it’d be a one-time thing. Now I know that this’ll be ongoing for some months. He got his dose today and we’ll have a recheck in 4 weeks time.

There was some concern about his WBC count being low. He was on antibiotics and after two checks, the count is back to normal range. We were advised to stop the antibiotics and have another check next week. So after the results from his next testing, we’ll know whether to continue with antibiotics or be off of it completely.

His appetite has been seeing highs and lows. There are days where he’ll go more than his normal daily consumption and on some days he’ll hardly have 25%. I’ve been very reactive to these variations and that has definitely got me drained. His vet confirmed that this’ll be an ongoing thing, so now I’m more prepared to handle it emotionally…I think.

His prednisone is now made to be administered every other day. One of the side effects of it was heavy panting and in his case it was more than normal. Since lymphoma is in remission state, we’ll see how he fares when we cut his prednisone dosage by 50%.

On his behavior, he plays more, has a bit more energy and I think it’s definitely increasing. Hopefully in some weeks I should be able to feel that he is at his normal levels. I’ve been trying to conserve his energy by not going to park, instead we do walks of about 5 miles. He really loves this and I can see him enjoying it. Probably will make a visit to the park this week just to progressively increase his workload.

We are ending the week on a positive note and remain optimistic about the future. Thanks for all your wishes. It truly means a lot for us.

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