Vegas Baby!

Inside the many beautiful designs of hotel interiors found in Vegas.

In 2005 I had to make a visit to Vegas for a conference. At that time I was shooting with a Sony A7r with its 16-35mm f/4 lens. It was really a sharp lens and more cheaper than the faster f/2.8 one. Also the setup was pretty light to carry around.

Vegas is all about lights. I managed to get some cityscapes and was looking for one of the grand interiors of the lobby. I’m not sure if it was Cesar Palace or the Venetian, or it could be entirely a different one. If I’ve to redo this place, I’d have to visit each hotel’s lobby on the strip.

This was also the time I was enjoying playing with Skylum’s Aurora HDR software to merge bracketed shots. It made it very easy and fun too. For this shot, I knew I wanted to capture the brilliance of the design. With no people in the shot, the picture would be all about the design. But getting nobody in the frame in a Vegas hotel lobby is almost impossible. So we can use them to give some action in the frame. As people move around, they leave ghost trails and that gives the feeling of motion in the picture.

The worst part is, I can’t seem to find the original files for this. All I’ve is this finished product 🙁

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