Thunder – Week 3


Jun 11, 2020

We are at the end of 3 weeks. Thunder’s blood work has been scheduled for Friday and next week we get to visit his oncologist. This week has been the most promising of all. Progress has been made in different dimensions.

Most of the gains have been noticed in Thunder’s appetite. He finishes 3-4 cups of his kibble. Since he kept eating Babar’s kibble, I ordered the same and that has definitely made a difference. Also a daily dose of baked chicken. During this week, Babar started to throw his tantrum of not eating his kibble. Not to worry, he is just being a picky eater as he gets to eat baked chicken 🙂

Thunder’s energy levels have also got a boost. Though he is still not at the pace at which he runs, it has improved a lot. He can still outrun a couple of his friends at the park. He plays regularly at home too. We even got a bit of tug-of-war going. Babar has his own set of toys that he prefers and plays fetch. He is more talk though, doesn’t matter what time it is, he’ll make his presence felt.

Overall, I’m very positive that his test results would be favorable. Thanks to all of you for your wishes. You folks have no idea how much it has helped us and we appreciate it very much!

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