Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts in Blue Hour

The last time I visited this place was in 2011, a decade ago. During that time the right side was under construction/repair. But a couple of years later it was completed and I’ve been wanting to capture it in blue hour ever since. For cityscapes, I really love the blue hour. The illuminating lights on the structure makes it pop on a blue sky.

Due to all the theft of gear in San Francisco, I was hesitant to go alone, so went with a friend and a ball of a time. I had forgotten the exact point where I’d have to position my camera, but a few last min hopping around the place revealed it. The place really is gorgeous and I managed to get a post sunset shot too. Just before the blue hour, the sky turns a nice pastel color of pink and a shot of that sky was a bonus 🙂

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