Sunset Burst

Sunset Burst

Sunset Burst at Crowley Lake near Mammoth Lakes

During xmas time of 2021, I made a quick visit to Easter Sierra and had a couple of spots that I wanted to hit. One of them was that of Crowley Lake on the way to Mammoth Lakes from Bishop. There is a vista view just off of hwy 395. From here you can have a nice view of the lake.

While I was there, a storm rolled in and the entire road was slick. This made the traffic worse. My attempt was to get a view of frozen Crowley lake with some sunset colors in the distance snow caps. I reached just in time to get a few frames of the shot I had in mind. For some odd reason, I looked back to see this huge burst of clouds radiating pink all over.

With a lot of slow moving traffic, the vehicles were all stacked up and made for a really messy foreground. So I had to wait a while hoping they’ll al clear and still retain the pink hue all over. I got lucky and there were probably two cars that I had to clone out in post. Its really sweet when you end up with some images that you had not planned for it. Makes for a very pleasant surprise.

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