Chasing Sunstar

Chasing Sunstar

Sunstar chase which resulted in some gorgeous light.

One of the advantages of staying in a city which has quite a good number of hikes is that you can easily make last minute plans to head out and still not miss the sunstar. The entire east bay is loaded with hikes that has some amazing views. Since they are so close to home, you can get that last bit of sleep too 🙂

On one of those mornings during the lockdown of Covid, I headed to this nearby trail so see if I could get some sunstar. Due to Covid, there wasn’t a single soul around and for some of the compositions, a person on the trail would have been nice. So I just turned towards the sun and got some really good sunrise colors. Just before this shot, the sky had some crazy colors, which I managed to get and will probably post some day. After that I just stood there waiting for the sun to kiss the ridge line so that I can get my sunstar.

The initial composition was that of a 4:5 aspect ratio. When I was reviewing the images, I was leaning towards a 16:9 aspect ratio as this was primarily made of layers. Also a 16:9 makes for a nice wall paper 🙂

In future posts, I’ll get to the other images that I got on this gorgeous day!

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