Sand Tufas, Mono Lake

Sand Tufas, Mono Lake

Sun flares through the awesome sand tufas at Mono Lake

Here is another shot of a sunstar of these formations

Sand Tufas, Mono Lake

Over the years, I’ve probably have visited this play at least 3 times. Its really mesmerizing to see these intricate patterns and to think that the amount of time it has taken for its formation. More than the limestone tufas at Mono Lake, these structures are the highlight of that place.

They are not far from the south entrance of Mono Lake. You’ve to take a dirt road which has a bit of sand on it. Any 4-wheel or AWD vehicle should be able to get to this spot. A short walk like 200 yards and you’ll find these little gems.

Here is a map of this location.

Sand Tufas Location

This location is a sunset shot for me as those are the only times I’ve visited them. It’ll be good for sunrise too. The key would be to get the sun at a low angle and that warm light to cover these structures. Another one that I’ve to try is during the milkyway season. That might be a bit of a challenge if there is snow as the roads gets closed. Only way to find out is to try it, so hopefully during next season I might give it a go.

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