Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge during its construction phase.

This image was shot in 2014 and somehow I had missed working on it. I remember doing regular visits to treasure island to shoot San Francisco skyline during blue hour. I was obsessed with blue hour and especially for skyscapes. There is something magical about having a blue sky with all the buildings lit up with golden lights. I think I still am very much into it, but just haven’t made time to visit to shoot them. Hopefully soon.

During one of those outings in December – as the beacon on Transamerica building would be lit up for xmas, I happened to look to the other side and found this new bridge which was still under construction, very well lit. Blue hour was on the verge of ending and also the sky had a very small pinkish glow. I’ve no idea how that glow came about, but was just happy that the camera could record it.

This was also shot with one of my favorite lens 24-70 f/2.8 – which is extremely sharp and makes a great lens for cityscapes. I could have probably cloned out that crane in the top right part of the image, but I went back n forth on it, debating whether to remove it or keep it. Finally I wanted to keep it as a reminder to the time when this was shot and I’m actually happy that I kept it.

I wish I could go to this location now, but unfortunately the roads are closed due to construction and I’m not sure when it’ll be reopened again. Till then, I’ve to be happy with what I’ve got.

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