South Tower, Golden Gate

South Tower, Golden Gate

Nikon D800 | Nikon 24-70 @70mm | ISO 100 | f/9 | 90s

Most of my shots of this bridge has been from the other side, looking at the north tower. During the thanksgiving weekend, got a chance to hit Fort Point to get some bucket list shots of this bridge.

California is getting some rain and at the current state of drought, any amount is welcomed. There has even been a thundershower predicted for tomorrow. Lets hope these rains gives some bit of relief for areas which are really suffering from drought conditions.

Due to the rain prediction I almost cancelled my initial plan of hitting Fort Point location last saturday. But then, a friend of mine was very eager to head out too – which made it easier for me to commit to going to this place.

We were supposed to be at this location to catch the sunset light as the cloud cover might have given way to some nice colors. This meant that we had to leave at a precise time to reach the location. Based on my experience with women, there was a very good chance that we might not arrive on time to catch the sunset….and thats how it happened. Good that I had prepared my mind to be not too bothered by it, otherwise I would have ruined my blue hour chances too. Though we missed the sunset, we were early for blue hour to start.

The good thing was we could use the time to get our framing right. It takes couple of runs to find the sweet spot and if you had a pre-conceived frame, then it can get little daunting too in getting it just as you had hoped for. By the time blue hour got started, I had managed to get close to the framing I had in mind. Its a landscape format and not the one you see in this post. This was grabbed just before we packed up as I didn’t have any shots of south tower.

We were also very pleased to meet up with an old friend who was visiting bay area for work and ended the night with a nice wine and dinner.

Hover your mouse over the image to see the Before version.

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