Little Devil

Little Devil

Nikon D800 | Nikon 70-200 @130mm | ISO 640 | f/2.8 | 1/100s

Little devil of our house.

More often than not, when I come home from work, the house would be literally like a warzone – you can’t take two steps inside without stepping on to something which is freaking really pointy. This usually is followed by a ready-for-war roar by me ( picture me like a red indian with colorful eagle feathered trailer warbonnet, on a horse, with a toned up muscular body and a spear…well thats how I see it in my head ). After say about an hour of yelling and roaring, one can start to see some order in the living room. By bedtime, it finally feels like a living room.

Then the next day starts…and the cycle continues.

I bet any parent would relate to that, more so if you have toddlers – which seems to be the age where they hone their combat skills with cute little arguments.

Today to my surprise, the living room was clean, no kids around to yell at, nothing to trip over. I could walk all around the house without getting pricked in the foot by something. There was order in the house…

…but it felt lonely.

No matter how much I’d hate the everyday war routines, I still miss it. It’s a mixed feeling; sadness as they aren’t around and happy to be parenting to such wonderful kids.

I could only imagine what troubles we gave to our parents during our time as toddlers and how they addressed all of it with so much of love and care. If you are one of those lucky ones and have your parents around, give them a hug, a kiss. Tell them how much you love….

…I wish mine were, so that I could just say…

Happy Birthday Ammi !!

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