Clipped Ear

Clipped Ear

Tech Info: Single exposure with Nikon D300s, 70-300 @210mm, ISO 200, f/5.3 for 1/320 of sec.

During my trip to India last year, I managed to go for a bird watching outing with my friends to Bannerghatta National Park just outside of Bangalore. We had a great time and in fact Karthik released a Wolf Snake there which I had mentioned it earlier (link).

We had spit into multiple groups and while we waited at the entrance for the other groups to join us for a social gathering, this beautiful dog came running out of the security area. A street dog, adopted by one of the guards out there. I don’t recollect its name, but for some reason its left ear was clipped. After playing with it for some time, it gave me a majestic sitting pose, which you usually associate with big cats.

The shot was pretty simple to take, since the dog did all the work for me. I had the 70-300 lens mounted and that was a perfect combination to get a very shallow dept of field for this portrait.


  1. Import the raw image into lightroom for basic adjustments.
  2. Export to Photoshop and a layer for some cleanup.
  3. Curves adjustment layer for contrast.
  4. Curves adjustment layer for vignetting effect
  5. Resized for web and applied a smart sharpen filter.
  6. Added basic keywords and metadata in Bridge.



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