A Pretty Flower

Flower - I

Tech Info: Single exposure with D300s, 50mm reverse mounted, ISO 250, f/1.8 for 1/160 of a sec

The entire weekend just went in preparation for moving to a different house and today all the heavy stuff got moved. I’m glad that it’s all over (almost) so that my back can now take some rest. For some reason I’m able to manage make time to got to the yard and play around with the reverse mounted setup. I’ve got quite a few of them and hopefully will process one each day.

We have heavy fog these days and weather.com even showed a Fog Alert. So if you live in the bay area and wanted to take shots of dew on anything (flower, plant, leaf, spider’s web etc) this would be a good opportunity. I got this one today morning when it was still foggy.


  1. Import the raw image to Lightroom for basic corrections.
  2. Export to Photoshop.
  3. A layer for clean-up work on some buds that came into the scene.
  4. Curves layer for contrast.
  5. Hue/Saturation layer to accentuate the colors.
  6. Second curves layer to brighten parts of the image by using layer mask and some brush strokes.
  7. Resized the image for web and applied a smart sharpen filter
  8. Added copyright and saved as Jpeg.
  9. Used Adobe Bridge to add keywords and metadata

Note: In my previous post (A Rusty Screw), the before image I had posted was taken from Photoshop. Since I use Lightroom for raw conversion, I should have actually posted an image before I make any adjustments in Lightroom as when it’s exported to Photoshop, it has already got lightroom tweaks to it. From this post and in future, will post the image directly from Lightroom before I do any work on it.



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