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A Borders Store at Night

Even in this digital age, I still find reading a physical book is more comforting than the digital version of it. Nothing can beat the convenience of going digital, but the feeling of a book in hand…flipping page after page…book marker placed on the wrong page…etc, is something which I’ll miss if I used the digital equivalent. The main problem with physical books is that they become a huge problem once you have quite a few of them.

When I was returning to India in 2000, I was carrying 1 entire piece of luggage full of books. Those days the airlines weren’t too strict with their baggage weight restrictions. A couple of pounds here and there would be allowed without any charges. But this single baggage was crossing my limit. The ground staff at the airport suggested that I would have to leave the bag and can’t travel with it. That didn’t sound like a good idea as I was paranoid I would loose all of them. So I asked how much would I have to pay for it. The lady took some time with her calculator and came out with a price of $480 and kinda made a face which said “See what I’m saying!”. She was surprised when I said “ok, I’ll pay it”. I can never forget her look which I think was on the lines of…”What an idiot!” All that went in my head was…phew! now I can take them with me 🙂

Luckily these days I don’t travel with books…(not that many atleast). I can still enjoy reading them by visiting any of these book stores. Most of the ones I’ve visited have a nice seating area where you can review the books. It helps as sometimes before you buy it, its worth checking the contents, skim the chapters and then make up the mind whether its worthy to go into your collection. Wish Landmark at the forum mall had it.

The shot is again a HDR composed of 7 pictures. I wanted to be extra careful in getting all the details.

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  1. I agree…nothing like reading an actual book…actually in landmark in forum i have seen people sitting and reading books though it doesn't specifically have a separate reading area.

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