Fire Trucks

Fire trucks at Hogan Lake

We see these trucks almost everyday and if you are driving on the road and see these in your rearview mirror, then you better make sure you give way to them by pulling to the right/left. These are the turcks used by the fire department in US. They are very colorful and vibrant when compared to the ones we find back home.

During a recent camping trip, a fire broke out pretty close to our camp site. Luckily it was put off with the help from these guys. Govi and I couldn’t control our curiosity and headed to the location with the camera. By the time we reached the place, these guys were just packing up. I even have a beautiful fire fighter picture (need to find some time to process it).

The 2 trucks stood in the hot sunny afternoon ready to head out. Since I was reading up on High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, wanted to try my hand at it. This picture is a combination of 3 exposures taken at -2, 0, +2 hand held. The HDR was generated using Photomatix and later tone-mapped. Its very common to find HDR images which are processed to an extreme values. At the moment it hasn’t caught my interest, but what some folks do is to use HDR to generate a more realistic looking image (mostly in landscape shots) which is really cool. Though I haven’t figured out how to do them, I had to settle at a border line with this one, just enough to bring out the “artistic” feature of HDR in it.

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4 thoughts on “Fire Trucks

  1. ye to bahut technical hota jaa raha hai…abey bacche ki jaan lega kya…ye tone-mapped kya hai…and what exactly does -2,0,+2 hand held mean

  2. :)I've to write a follow-up to a previous post, hopefully will do it soon.The values (-2,0,+2) refer to the exposure settings. Zero (0) is the perfect exposure as per the camera, a +2 would be over exposed by 2 stops and similarly the negative one would be under exposed by 2 stops..denoted by -2. Hand held just refers to hand holding the camera while taking the 3 pictures instead of using a tripod. It'll be lot easier to understand once I write that post.

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