Bellagio at Night

Bellagio, Las Vegas

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We are just back from a Vegas trip and here is the first shot from the trip. This is the famous Bellagio Casino Hotel and its musical fountains.

The fountains dance to some repeated tunes and when I took this shot, it was the song from Titanic. For the entire duration of the song, the fountains dance and its really a sight to watch.

On weekends, this place gets too crowded. I had to literally guard my tripod using my body as a shield on one side and my daughter in her stroller on the other side. I had some problems in choosing the exposure in getting the entire set of fountains and having enough lights for the backdrop of hotel. Either the fountains would blow out or the hotel would be too underexposed. So the entire of first song went in just fiddling with the settings and by the end of it, I had kinda got the hang. Next was to wait another 15 mins for the fountains to start dancing again. Luckily this time, I got it right enough to get all of them shoot up in air at almost the same height.

Now my wish is to visit the KSR dam in Mysore and get a picture of its fountains 🙂

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  1. yeap, that was the plot of that movie. Along with this the other 2 casinos I think were…MGM Grand and Mirage. We stayed at MGM Grand 🙂

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