Entry to heaven on earth

Entry to heaven on earth

This is the view of North Entrance Gate to Yellowstone. During our last visit to yellowstone in 2008, we couldn’t get to this place as we were short on time. This time, even though it was pretty late, we still managed to visit it.

The gate is really huge and I can only imagine how a picture of it with clouds in the background would have turned out.

Due to some construction work, the key access point was closed. This meant that we had to drive really long to get here. Though it was just 25-30 miles, due to the speed (35 m/h) it would take around 40 mins for us to just reach there. Add to this we even stopped at Mammoth to grab a quick bite. By the time we reached it was pretty late in the evening. I wanted to take a picture of this gate with some clouds in the background and since the night was pretty clear, I had almost decided to turn back. My wife on the other hand pushed for this. I’m so glad she did that as I could atleast come back with a pic 🙂

When we reached this place, it was pitch dark. I was slightly disappointed, but as I was taking the camera out of the car, noticed the gate being lit by the oncoming traffic. There wasn’t a huge amount of cars going through this gate…an occasional one just whizzed by. I thought probably thats all I need to get a picture.

As I began to compose for this, the auto-focus on the camera went crazy. Of course it would as there was no object for it to lock the focus on. So I had to go the manual way for it. The reason for the picture not being sharp enough is because my eyes just couldn’t tell whether the image was clear or not in the viewfinder. Kind of guessed at a particular setting and set the timer for 3 mins. During this 3 min, not even one car went by…adding more to my disappointment. Hoping that a more longer interval would get atleast one car to pass by, I set the timer to 5 mins and got lucky. There were three cars (2 in one direction and the other one in the opposite direction) that passed which got enough light to get this picture.

Though I would’ve liked for more cars to go by, I had to stop as we were getting really late. So for now I’ve to be satisfied with this one. Probably next visit, I can plan better to be at this location when there is some natural light available.

UPDATE: With slight sharpening added to the image, it turns out like this:


9 thoughts on “Entry to heaven on earth

  1. @Peshla: The shutter was open for 5 mins during which the car would easily go by.@Ritzy: Considering the amount of darkness that was around, the lights of the cars were indeed divine 🙂

  2. Cool photo. Good presence of mind in thinking of the alternative. I would have given up, no come to think about it I would not have gone out of the way to get there and missed out. 😉

  3. awesome..brilliant..superb…looks like u will come back to india with more such mind boggling snaps on you than dollars…he he he he…btw since cars ply in both directions through this gate and if one direction is entry to heaven then is the other exit from heaven…again he he he he

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