Spooky Spider


While returning from a friends house, found this spider waiting for a prey right at the doorstep. The web was between the lamp and the wall. My friend was eager to clean the area of all the webs, but I couldn’t resist. So rushed home and got the macro lens. Since I didn’t have enough time to setup a tripod had to try it hand-held. Add to that, the position of the web made it very difficult. The spider was the size of a penny, but due to the macro lens, it feels bigger 🙂

Talking of spiders, long time ago, some of the friends got together and headed for a marriage in Kerala. We had to stop overnight in Kochi. That night we started playing dumbsharads on movie names and we got “Arachnophobia”. Govi was the guy who was miming and it was me and wife trying to guess the name of the movie. We got to a stage where we said “Fear of spiders”, but just couldn’t get the word out. The other two friends were all over the floor as they just couldn’t control their laughter…probably thinking on how dumb we were 🙂 It took us nearly 3-4 hours trying to get that word out, but we failed miserably. I’ve a video of the entire episode which shows how frustrated Govi was, how we were coming out with stupid words and how the other two were lost on the floor. Someday I’ve to dig that out. Finally we had to give-up as we couldn’t see them die out of laughter. It was really a fun night and from that day onwards, I’ve never forgotten the term which describes “Fear of Spiders” 🙂

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