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Water in a glass
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I’m all excited about the upcoming trip to yellowstone. This is the second time I’m going out there. The first time was in 2008 and in peak summer. This time the weather is just turning into winter and I’ll get to see a different view of the park.

I wanted to try something different, so rented a 105mm macro lens from I had to test the lens to make sure I get an idea on how the pictures would turn out from it. So a quick test was attempted.

Placed a champagne glass under the faucet and kept filling with water. Out of the 5 shots I attempted, this one turned out ok. The test was more to check the aperture settings that would go with this glass. I had read that macro lenses will not have the same DOF (Dept-of-field) as prime or telephoto lenses. So a test at home is better than coming back with pictures having shallow DOF 🙂

The conditions weren’t ideal for a macro shoot, but I was too eager to see how the pictures turn out. So far I’m not disappointed with it. So if my yellowstone pictures turn out bad, then I can’t blame the lens 🙂

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  1. @Sudip: Yeah, I had that in mind, but didn't have anything that would give out that effect, though there were some small pebbles…didn't want to take a chance with the wife by breaking the glass ;)@Peshla: The black background is from Nidhi's school flyer :)@Sandy: Yeap, have to try that when I get back.

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