One-on-One with Tech Lead

Had an interesting discussion with tech lead of a project out here. I was asked to setup a local 10gRAC Cluster for their use. After which I didn’t have a roadmap of my involvement with this project. When we sat down to chalk one, the first question posted to me was “are you interested to do these?” – for which I had no answer (. Kept wondering where did this question come from?

The previous project was a total disaster. There were lots of issues from the DB. The final result; application didn’t scale and performed very poorly in terms of performance. So the tech lead wasn’t happy with the DBA help on that and hence the question was fired to me (

Well, I’ve never been involved so closely with an application design. Also I’ve been reading Tom Kyte’s book on design which just makes one point “Design for performance” and “DON’T TUNE FOR PERFORMANCE”. So this seems to be a perfect opportunity to follow the “best practices”.  I’m all eager to start off on this one, which means that lots and lots of reading, testing and documenting stuff…

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