One Hour Closure

If you are working in support you would know exactly what the title meant for your appraisal 🙂

How would it be that the support analyst says that “I haven’t done a patchset installation”…man that was mean. I had to convince him to use owc to check it out for himself. Imagine a customer pestering for the usage of owc rather than the analyst.

After checking out on my own desktop, the analyst had to say “this is the first time I’m seeing this kind of an issue” . I was very glad to hear that. But I definitely need to appreciate one thing from him. In my urgency I had overlooked that the file was present on the second node. Surprising !! He did catch that and it helped me. I really thank him for that. Didn’t wait for the guy to say anything more, scp the file to node1 along with another $ORA_CRS_HOME/install/patch10104 dir and finished my patchset application.

About the SR, I gave him the option of a ‘1 hr closure’…let everybody be happy. I got my job done and let me get something for that. Couple of things happen here and there, but it always feels nice there is a ‘win-win’ situation. With that we rest for the day.

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