It’s an event organized by Ventures in Bangalore for corporate. Oracle India has been taking part in this for the past 3 years (if my memory serves me right). This year it was represented by a handful of people. Otherwise, it was just 2 members; Rishi and Bobby. Both from ISC and very good players of shuttle. Bobby has some “slip disc” kind of a problem and his lower back is always under stress. Still he manages to take part in this event and be competitive at it. Any other person would have just given up due to the injury, but Bob goes on and on…

About Rishi, he is simply superb. An Asian Games gold medalist. So you can imagine how competitive his game would be. Together they thrashed every other team when oracle first made its debut in the event. After the initial year, it was struggle for these guys. There are so many entries for a company; singles, team event, doubles, mixed doubles and so on. These 2 can’t just enter all of them and play it. As the event is organized for a couple of weekends and they’ll be having back-to-back matches. Still these two just keep collecting prizes for the entries they make.

This year, it was different. They have found another doubles partner who is known for his “smashes”. Rishi says, that he needs a partner who can just go on smashing. The new find just does that. When I watched the game yesterday, it was nice to see them going. With my poor knowledge of shuttle, I think they would need some more matches to be at their best. The good thing is that they both appreciate each other’s game, which is a very good sign in any partnership. Hopefully they’ll just keep getting better and better to get home the championship.

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