First iTAR

Today I opened my first iTAR (known as SR these days) for a missing file. Got my 10g RAC installed on a couple of nodes, then created a small test db. Thought I’ll check out on it. Did all the things judiciously(reading the readme from top to bottom, following every instruction). After the installation finished, as usual I went in search of this and found that to be not present where it was supposed to. Did a couple of checks here and there, the guy just doesn’t exist there.

IMed a couple of ORCL guys and they were aware of it. So I thought, ok let me go formal with it and opened my first iTAR.

I’ve been there for some time and I can easily recognize when an analyst is buying time. When you get an immediate response for an RDA ouput, thats one of them. Initially looking at the update, I was really pissed ! But then there are cases when an RDA really helps an analyst to get the work done. So I gave him the RDA output and haven’t heard from him since then !

Actually I don’t expect him to get back to me so early. When we were starting our days as support analysts, we ensured that the TAR gets updated with the right kind of information. The analyst is not a super human being. He is just another guy – happens to be equipped at handling these kind of issues. But still one needs to remember that product support is given out as a ‘service’. And in any service oriented, keeping the customer cool about things is very important. All it takes is a line which can say ‘Hey I haven’t got this error…let me lookup and keep you posted on it’.

As I was writing this…the guy came back with a response which said “Some of the files haven’t been copied to the second node during installation..can you send in those logs?”

Man Give me a BREAK !!!!

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