Thunder – Week 7


The week started off really well. We were slowly getting into a routine. Thunder would wake up and have a walk and breakfast. Then laze around with an occasional burst of play. Evening when the temperatures would cool down, we’d go for a walk and then have dinner. After dinner, it was either tug play or fetch. Every now and then he’d ask for another round of food. I mean this behavior is the first time I’ve ever seen, asking for food.

All this changed on Tuesday. We finished our morning walk, breakfast and then sometime past noon, he became dull. That evening’s walk was slow and very lethargic. It seemed like I was forcing him. He refused his dinner that day. Now it has been close to two days that he has refused his food.

Yesterday while petting him, I felt his lymph nodes have swollen again. Maybe I’m being influenced by his lack of appetite but it definitely feels enlarged to me. Based on his prior symptoms, he might go on for a week before he starts to accept any food. So I’ve kept the chicken breast to thaw and will attempt baked chicken as his dinner. There is a good possibility that he might take a bit of that if hand fed. So hoping he at least gets that in while we wait for the doc’s assessment.

Thank you all for your wishes!

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