Fall colors at Glacier

Fall Colors

Fall Colors at Flathead National Park

Flathead National Park is just outside of Glacier National Park. The entire of Hwy 2 is very scenic to drive. Just near a river crossing is a small area where once can park and enjoy the wonderful colors you see during fall season. The flathead river has so man winds that you can easily find many compositions using the river as a leading line. I do have some of those shots too, but will get to them at a later date.

After having shot the usual stuff, this scene caught my attention. Loved how the late morning light were hitting the trees, some of which had yet to turn to their fall colors. There was an ugly set of poles in the midst of all these trees, which had to be taken out in post. I was so happy when I worked on this as it was the most easiest one and I remembered how cold that morning was 🙂

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