Lone Tusker

Lone Tusker

We admire elephants in part because they demonstrate what we consider the finest human traits: empathy, self-awareness, and social intelligence. But the way we treat them puts on display the very worst of human behavior.

Graydon Carter

There is something very majestic about this animal. Its really huge and gigantic and the same time very gentle. It almost comes across as a very lazy animal. They can reach a height of 12ft and can weight between 4k to 11k lbs. That is just the Indian elephant and its African cousin is even bigger.

Every time I see one, I can only think of making images of them in black and white. The one time I can remember to shoot them in color was very early into my hobby. It was about its foot in mud and I just loved how the color of the mud had laid a nice overlay on its feet.

During the 2018 trip to Bandipur, I managed to get some frames of not just this tusker, but also little young ones too. I can hardly wait to work on them.

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