revive (someone) from unconsciousness or apparent death.

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to jot down my journey in the wonderful world of photography. It was going on fine. I even started posting a picture-a-day to my tumblr blog, till life got in the way.

The loss of dear ones are very hard to bear. Its been some years, but I still have to muster courage to fight it everyday. I don’t think when I’ll be able to completely recover, but getting back to doing certain things that I enjoyed would be a good start I guess.

I’ll be starting a new journey in my professional life soon and thought this was the right time to get back to this too. So posts on photos I take will start to trickle in. You might also see some technical content, but I’ll try to keep that to a few. I’ve no schedule in mind, but have so much to talk about. So as when I steal some time, the thoughts would make its way here.

Thanks for sticking around all these years.

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