Action & Drama

Action & Drama

Tech Info: Nikon D300s | Tokina 12-24 @11mm | ISO 200 | f/11 | 1/125 s

Another view of the gorgeous cloud formation of a brewing storm.

Its been really long that I’ve updated here. Things have been slightly hectic, along with that the mind is clouded with so many things going on in my personal life that I hardly had any energy by the end of the day. So the publishing took a beating. In fact I’ve forced myself to post one today, so any mistakes you find in the info might be intentionally done by the mind 🙂

This was shot from the same location of a previously published one – Brewing of a Storm, Yosemite. I was too scared to go near the road as the cars whizzed at an average speed of 75 mph. The best part of this pic wasn’t actually when shooting it. It was just a day before yesterday when one of my friend got a new MacBook Air.

Whenever I see another monitor, my initial reaction would be to check the images that I’ve published already. Even if you edit the pictures on a calibrated monitor, there are bound to be some differences when the same image is viewed on a different screen. So I’m always curious as to how the pic would look. So after we finished the purchase, got ourselves a cup of coffee and when this pic was viewed on it, my reaction was “Holy crap! Am I that good?” Pretty soon realized that it’s the display that is doing the magic, but that didn’t stop me from drooling!

Now I’m convinced that I’ll make the move to a mac. Be it sooner or later, the move is going to happen. As my friends know, I’ve started a fund for it and when it reaches that point, I’ll be heading to an Apple store with a spring in my stride 🙂


  1. Used Lightroom 3 to convert the raw image with adjustments to white balance and exported it to Photoshop CS4.
  2. First curves layer for the sky.
  3. Second curves layer for the road.
  4. Third curves layer for some hot areas of the sky.
  5. Resized the image for web and a smart-sharpen layer.
  6. Saved as jpeg and used Bridge to add metadata.

Hover your mouse over the image to see the Before version.

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