Lower Falls of Yellowstone

Lower Yellowstone Falls
Tech Info: Nikon D90 | 18-105 @90mm | ISO 200 | f/8 | 1/200 sec
As the Yellowstone rivers makes it way from the lake and takes a dip in altitude, you first get the Upper falls and then this one called the Lower Falls of Yellowstone. The Upper falls is at about ~100 ft and this one is ~300 ft. From this point, the river wades its way through the grand canyon of Yellowstone. The view of this Lower Falls was taken from the vantage point called Artist Point – very rightly named!

This was shot during our visit to Yellowstone in 2009. Yes, I’m still digging up from the archives. These were the shots which I had rejected them initially. Now that I’ve a different mindset, I’m more likely to publish more of these. Its helping to me to identify myself on the progress I’ve made. Also my friends got tired of complaining that I don’t publish more, so it serves them too 🙂
The national parks of US are a treat to anybody. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in photography or just want to enjoy the natural beauty. The parks have to be one of the destinations you have visit. Yellowstone & Yosemite are so far my favorites. Didn’t get much chance to explore the Grand Canyon, but whatever little glimpse I could catch on the bus tour, it’s another place that’s high on the list. Seems like one lifetime isn’t enough to spend quality time in these parks as my list continues to grow. Hopefully someday I should be able to cover them.
Here are some of the other shots I got during that trip which have been published.
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  1. Used Lightroom 2.5 to convert the raw image with some basic adjustments to white balance. The day was cloudy, so selected a warmer WB.
  2. First curves layer for a gentle contrast to the overall image.
  3. Second curves layer for boosting the midtones.
  4. Third curves layer for a slight vignette effect.
  5. Resized the image for web and a smart-sharpen filter.
  6. Added watermark and saved as a 8 bit jpeg file.
  7. Used Bridge to add keywords and metadata.

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3 thoughts on “Lower Falls of Yellowstone

  1. Yosemite and Yellowstone are among my favorites, too. I spent a summer working in Yosemite, and I first visited Yellowstone with my family when I was in high school. I love your picture of the lower falls. I like that you can get a view of them from Artist’s Point and also make your way down to the bring of the falls so that you can get a sense for their power and defeaning roar. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It would be so cool to get a summer job in these national parks, I’ll have to explore that option after some years (when the kids go to college). I’m waiting to make another visit there so that I can go down the artists point for another view of the falls. Hopefully it’ll be next year.

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