Tech Info: Nikon D300s | 50mm | ISO 200 | f/6.3 | 1/125s
YN467 fired at 1/16 of its power through a home made softbox

Another test shot of my little one.

After last night’s softbox testing, I really wanted to try my hand at making a bigger one so that I can use them to take pictures of my kids. I spent nearly 30mins searching in the garage for a suitable box and came back empty handed. But a simple peep into the closet gave me the Pampers Diapers box. That was good enough to try it. If I screw it up, I’ll just have to wait till we get the next set.

The materials were the same; a bigger box, parchment paper to diffuse the light. Had to layer 2 of them as one wouldn’t soften it enough. Aluminium foil pasted inside the box to reflect the speedlite.

Once the box was done, I used it to test it on my little one. The elder one ran away the moment she saw me with the odd looking box. The younger one still can’t crawl. The thought of Tara not yet crawling gave me a cruel laugh (only in my head) as she can’t escape. Made her sit on the couch and started firing.

Used another home made reflector (foam board with aluminium foil pasted on it) to fill in a little for the slight shadows. The entire setup looked similar to this:

I was little surprised with the results and I hadn’t expected it to this good in diffusing. If this box can give such nice results, imagine if you had one of those huge studio softboxes…:)

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