Sunset Over Foster City

Sunset Over Foster City

Tech Info: 2 exposures combined using D300s | 50 mm | ISO 200 | f/11 for 1/3 s and f/9 for 30s.

After picking up this hobby, I’ve got some really talented flickr friends whose work are jaw-dropping. Two of those are Daniel and Rajesh. They are the masters of digital blending. After following their work for sometime, I was inspired to practice the art of blending multiple exposures, especially the sunset/sunrise shots.
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Up in the Air – II

Up in the Air - II

Tech Info: Nikon D90 | 50mm | ISO 200 | f/5.6 | 1/20 sec

You might enjoy this in large.

This was shot during our flight to Yellowstone National Park in sep 2009. The flight had just taken off and was headed east which meant some lovely morning light. For the first few minutes, I just sat there at the window gazing at these awesome cloud formations and completely forgot that I had the camera in my hand. After I realized what an idiot I was, then it was so much fun in trying to capture these.
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