PhotoVerse: A must have tool for photogs

I’ve been swamped with work during this holiday season, but wanted to take few minutes to let you know that a new iPhone/iPad app got released. The reason why I’m even mentioning it are quite a few, but it worth mentioning couple of them here. For starters, this tool has been developed by two photographers whom I admire the most (Hunaid & Satish). Second, I had the privilege to be a beta tester for this tool.

The good (and the bad) thing about internet is that you can find information on almost anything you want. But it gets really hard to isolate important sites pertaining to the field you are researching for. So over a period of time you would have accumulated a huge number of bookmarks, rss feeds etc. One might even go to the extent of tagging your links or putting them in folder or whatever method you can think of to maintain them. And if you are like me, then you just dump them in one area. Here comes PhotoVerse, a simple but a very effective thing to maintain your links, blogs, rss feeds, articles…etc all in one place. You can say its sort of an aggregates all photography related stuff in one place.
Here are some screen shots of it so you can get an idea of what I’m saying

Some major things which I like about this app:

  • There has been an excellent choice of photogs whose blogs get “Featured” along with other resources
  • You can follow whats happening in the photography world through the “News”
  • You can share interesting things with your friends through twitter, facebook, email …



  • You can save an entry to be read later (Notice the Save for Later option in the above screen shot)


One of the things I miss is the ability to add custom blog entries. I’m told that it should be present in the first update. Currently the app is having a holiday discount price of $0.99. Grab it before it expires.


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