Golden Gate North Tower

North Tower Window, Goglen Gate

Tech Info: Nikon D300s with Nikkor 70-300 lens @70mm, ISO 200, f/8 for 30s

For best effect view large

In June 2009, I came across a similar picture like above and was highly inspired by it. After showing that image to my wife, I told her that some day I should be able to take a picture like that. Well that some day was indeed last weekend 🙂

Couple of friends got together and we decided to head to Muir Woods. Since I my friends know how much I hate driving, we all got into his van and headed out. It was just a pleasure trip, no plans, just roam around. To get to Muir Woods you have to pass through this famous bridge, I thought I might try that shot which I had in my mind. My friends agreed to stop by this place for some shots.

Usually this place has very gusty winds and on my previous outing I had a hard time. Last weekend it was just perfect. Absolutely no wind at all, little bit of chill in the air (of course its San Francisco). Add to that now I was equipped with a stable tripod which seems to hold on to the weight of my heaviest lens ie 70-300mm.

One of the reasons why I’m so happy about this shot is that it turned out exactly how I had in mind. I did spend quite a lot of time going over the settings in my mind over and over. I guess rehearsing so much did make it seem very easy in the end as I didn’t have to fiddle too much with the camera. The very first shot itself was pretty close. After a view at the histogram, some additions to shutter speed, it hits right. Plus I got lucky with the wind 🙂

Processing this was also straight forward. Some adjustments to contrast using levels and a Tungsten setting for color temperature. Hope you guys enjoy it too.

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