Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline

For best effect view large.

Tech Info: Nikon D300s with Tokina 12-24mm lens @15mm, ISO 200, f/8 for 10s

Again this is from my recent Boston/Hanover trip. To get to Hanover, I had to take a flight to Boston and then drive down the remaining distance. Its a good 2½ hr drive. My friend had taken a bus and arrived at the airport to pick me up. From there we just took the rental and drove all the way to Hanover…well, he drove and I took a nap 🙂

One of the conditions that I put forward before visiting him was that he would take me to a nice vantage point for me to capture the Boston Skyline. After some googling around, we finalized on this location and he literally drove like a maniac to get me to this location (back from Hanover) before the blue hour expired. The roads were pretty slippery, but yet he managed to get me on time and I must one piece 🙂

The weather pretty much matched that of Hanover – icy, cold and windy and the wind chill going as low as -45°F. At these temperatures, if the skin gets exposed to the chill, they just turn numb. And thats what happened to my fingers too. Its like the mind is telling the thumb to rotate the dial, but the thumb has got a mind of its own which is sleeping. This was the hardest “chilly” weather I’ve ever faced. Inspite of all this, if I ever get a chance, then I’ll do it all over again 🙂

This picture is from a single exposure. At the location, I did manage to capture more frames in the hope that I’ll do some digital blending, but I’m not yet up to it. So for now will have to settle with this single frame shot.

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