Lens: Tokina 12-24mm

Metro Tower, Foster City

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Tech Info: Nikon D300s using Tokina 12-24mm @24mm, ISO 200, f/8 for 20s

Finally got my new wide angle lens. Its a Tokina 12-24mm lens with a maximum constant aperture of f/4 throughout the focal range.

For a long time I was contemplating on getting a wide angle lens and hadn’t really made up my mind on what I wanted as there were quite a lot of options. First on the list was a Nikkor 12-24mm. It had to be taken out as its way beyond my budget.

Next on the list was Sigma 10-20mm. I was positive about Sigma for a long time due to the wonderful images I saw from it. Even though a lot of people liked it, there was one common complaint, about its build quality. It seems like the lens feels that its made out of cheaper plastic. When you pay hundreds of dollars for the lens and finally feel that its made out of cheap plastic, then for me it ain’t worth it. I take very good care of things which I love and my friends know that too well-remember the times when I kept telling you how to turn the page on the book without getting any kind of crease on it ;). Inspite of that I was really hesitant on the “cheap” feel of it and decided against it.

Next to consider was a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens. First attention would go towards f/2.8, which means that its a fast lens (don’t know what f/2.8 means? read this) Since I plan to use this lens for doing some star trails, the fast aperture is a big boost to keep my exposures short. The drawback was the minimal focal range. 11-16 is too short for my taste right now. Also the price was beyond what I had budgeted.

One of the flickr buddies suggested the Tokina 12-24 and even though it can only open up to f/4, for the price he said it was worth it. Along with its price, everybody appreciated its image and build quality to be on par with Nikon’s wide angle 12-24 one. It was like a nikon lens but with much lower price. Instead of renting this one from a local store, I decided to get one and test it out; if I didn’t like it, then I can always return it before the “return period” from the merchant.

I’m highly pleased with just one test shot using it. Couple of more tests are still pending and I’m hoping to complete it by the end of next week. But for now, the feeling is that I don’t have to return this lens 😀

6 thoughts on “Lens: Tokina 12-24mm

  1. Dey… a doubt… you said "Its a Tokina 12-24mm lens with a constant aperture of f/4 throughout".. but under the properties you have mentioned.. "Nikon D300s using Tokina 12-24mm @24mm, ISO 200, f/8 for 20s"… can you still step down to f/8?

  2. @Anonymous: Sorry for not being clear in that statement. Let me try another shot:Due to their construction, any variable focal length lens, usually has varying apertures. Eg: my 70-300mm has an aperture range from f/4.5-5.6 which means that at 70mm it can open to a max of f/4.5 and at 300mm it can open to a max aperture f/5.6. Lenses which can open to a max constant aperture are usually costly. eg: Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 which goes to say that you can open the aperture upto f/2.8 throughout its focal range. Of course, they all can stop down too, but its max aperture that defines how fast the lens is as the more you open, then faster shutter speed you get.Probably I should have mentioned that its the maximum aperture value.

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