East Bay Hills

Looking Up

Tech Info: Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens @18mm, ISO 200, f9 for 1/200 sec

Sometime back I had to take Nidhi out to a playdate towards east bay. It happened to clash on a game day. So the earliest that I could take her was sometime in the afternoon. So we headed out and just before going out, realized that I had nothing to do during the entire time she spends out there. So it made sense to take the camera with me as I could drop them off and head out scouting some locations.

On the way to the playdate’s house, noticed quite a lot of clouds over the hill and it was pretty close to the place where we were going. So after I dropped them, I took a winding road hoping to reach to the top of the hills, but had to stop right at the entrance of the hill due to a sign which said “PRIVATE PROPERTY…blah blah”. I had no other choice but to turn back. Since I’ve made a new rule to myself of not coming back without any clicks, stood at the entrance and paid attention to the hills. They had nice green color, reddish middle ground and a nice set of clouds in the sky. The lighting also wasn’t bad as it gave warm tones throughout the scene giving me this picture.

On a completely different note, I got a surprise delivery of a package which contained a Joby Gorillapod yesterday and it was from a friend who sent it as my b’day gift. Thanks Venkat 🙂

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