Dogs around me

From the time I’ve moved to the US, there have been quite a few interesting dogs with my neighbours. I wanted to take pictures of them, but just kept forgetting about it. The first one we met was named Molly. It used to stay upstairs and was a very quite one. Molly was a boxer and a therapeutic dog. She would visit the hospital to cheer young kids. Unfortunately we lost her due to a massive heart attack. I’ve a post-card sized photo of her which I need to scan someday.

There is another one named Tyler. He is a terrier of some kind. Next time I visit them, I’ll have to make sure that I’m carrying my camera πŸ™‚

In the current complex, I’ve quite a few lovely dogs around. The first one is a 11 month old lab mix named Popcorn. He is very lively and so full of energy, always ready to jump on you and that part scares the hell out of my wife πŸ™‚ Then we have another named Chase. We do not know what breed that is, but Chase is very moody. He doesn’t like to be touched, but poses well for camera.

Here are some shots of dogs.

Nidhi with Popcorn



The complete slideshow can be accessed here

5 thoughts on “Dogs around me

  1. Fantastic shot of Nidhi and the dog and of course, Poornima got every right to be scared if someone so lively and full of energy is always ready to jump on you;)

  2. Like the dog expressions on each pic..but all of them are close pics..a couple from far would have been awesome too…best is the one with the german shepherd sitting ..very royal moment πŸ™‚

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