Here is a quick post to let you know the changes done to the site. As quite of you have noticed, its now called as http://www.kaddisudhi.com. Kaddi actually is a Kannada word which literally means Stick in English. This was what my friends used to call me. While registering for a domain, nothing else came to my mind other than this word and it was available too 🙂

Of course now since I’ve put on some pounds and no longer look like a Kaddi, I still turn my head if somebody calls me with that name 🙂

Here are couple of shots that I took during the weekend. I like the light reflected off buildings at sunset 🙂


Another one…


2 thoughts on “Kaddi

  1. who says you are not "kaddi" anymore.?..even if you move out of "kaddi" ..you can register "kaddu" 🙂 …for your benefit…"kaddu" means pumpkin ..so may as well register a site and keep it in handy !

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