San Diego – Day 2

The day started off late. I remember my wife telling me that lets head out by 8ish, but I understood that as “lets get-up at 8” 🙂 So it was my fault and she couldn’t do much to get me out of bed soon. Nidhi was ready and was very much happy in getting the license to run around the parking lot of the hotel. In that process managed to get a good shot of her.

We decided to take on Sea World for the day and the first show was the famous Shamu one. I was little disappointed by the size of the arena when compared to the San Antonio’s Sea World. Even the killer whales were smaller in size. Nidhi enjoyed it and thats what counted in the end 🙂

After a quick stop for lunch we did the dolphin’s show. It was nice with all the dolphins jumping out of the water. One of the families from the crowd was invited to get closer with them. The wife was in the thick of action. First she “slipped” and fell into the water. The crowd just went hush with that fall. Everybody was concerned about her safety. Even though all those animals are trained, you never know how they would react to strangers in the pool. And all of a sudden out came 2 dolphins jumping across her. Thats when everybody realized that it was all “staged”. The wife was one of the trainers and they really got the crowd fooled 🙂

Then we headed to the pets show. This was strongly suggested by one of our friends as a not-to-miss show. It was really worth it and I would suggest the same. In order to appreciate it, you got to love pets (dogs, cats etc). Its way too tough to get them trained and these pets do such a wonderful job at all the tricks. We all know that they work for treats, but I’m having difficulty in just getting them on to the treadmill. It was entertaining and Nidhi was all over the dogs after the show.

Had dinner at some local Indian restaurant and finally headed to hotel. The Sea World was good as Nidhi enjoyed every bit of it. But if I’ve to decide between this and the one in San Antonio, then I would vote for the San Antonio Sea World. That park is lot bigger and better at the shows.

Here are some shots from the trip:


..and of course the jumping Shamu


The rest of the set can be accessed here.

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  1. Looks like lots of fun…saw the pics on flickr…very nice shots :-)I’m sure Nidhi must have had a ball of a time around the animals !

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