San Diego – Day 1

We headed out to San Diego around 7 am. One hour late from the scheduled departure time and that was my fault of sleeping an hour late 🙂 Had a quick breakfast at local Noah’s. The drive till LA was just awesome. 2007 Toyota Camry can do 100 mph with absolutely no issues. It was fun weaving through some traffic on the way. It would have been really nice if drivers actually read the sign which says:

Slower traffic keep right

Its just annoying to see somebody drive on I5 at 60 mph and to top that another buddy of his occupying the only other lane. We stopped for a quick break after about covering about 150 of the 500 miles drive. Then we had to stop for lunch at Taste of India in Bakersfield. The food was ok, but very costly though.

Once we reached LA it all started with the rush-hour traffic. Imagine driving only 30 miles in 2 hours…my back was literally crying to take a break. We took a detour and just relaxed in some parking lot of a company.

Reached San Diego at 7:30 PM and all I wanted to do was just hit the bed. I’m so tired with all the driving. More than the physical, its the annoying part of the drive that has drained me.

Before I go, here are couple of shots:

A smiling Nidhi


Fields on the way


Some more


Bird’s nests under a freeway ramp


5 thoughts on “San Diego – Day 1

  1. >>2007 Toyota Camry can do 100 mpg with absolutely no issuesDude, seems to me that your craving for another speed ticket. No more please:)

  2. awesome pics! the speed at which you are going (not talking about your Camry) I am afraid you will change your profession 😛

  3. @peshla: Didn’t want to screw-up that photo :)@Ritzy: Definitely its not a craving for a ticket 🙂 It was for a very short distance…then came back to 85/90@Sharan: No machi. I once made a mistake of making my hobby as work and ended up loosing interest in the hobby. I’m going to keep this one just as a pure hobby :)@Ravi: I wish it was like that. It was a typo..the ‘g’ got in the way of ‘h’ 🙂 Corrected it now.

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