Trigger Happy

When a kid gets a new toy, his fascination on it would last for some time – the time portion varying with age of the kid. After that the kid no longer has any interest in it. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with me. Right now I’m shooting away to glory, but I’m not just shooting for the heck of it, but more to figure out the controls of D90. I’d rather be a trigger-happy person with a D90 than an actual gun 😉

So here are some pictures that were taken near my house. Hope you like them.

2009-05-16_65 2009-05-16_63-1

2009-05-19_351 2009-05-19_345

2009-05-19_340 2009-05-19_330

2009-05-19_328 2009-05-19_311

2009-05-19_309 2009-05-19_301

Note: All pictures are links to my main flickr set which contains these images. I’ve intentionally kept them smaller on this page, so that the page can download much faster.

3 thoughts on “Trigger Happy

  1. Yeah, every other moment is like context switch with indefinite degree of parallelism shiting from burping/consoling/cajoling “Khushi” to Yahoo work/mails/blogging/exploring my Sony camcorder and some sleep If I could get a little more lucky:)

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