It has arrived…

After a loong wait, my D90 has arrived. It felt long wait as I was counting the minutes from the time of the order to its arrival 🙂 I was so excited that my wife had a tough time figuring out who is the 2 yr old at home.

Well now I’m back on my feet and took some shots. Here they are:

Good start



Comments? Suggestions? Criticisim? Lets hear ’em people!

5 thoughts on “It has arrived…

  1. OMG!!!!….is tht u…i mean is that your work…what did u do?…did u get hit by someone, something????..What the…i have no words…i need to know how you took such good pictures;)…n im coming there to find out…but frankly…they are really good!!!

  2. @Ritzy: I’m not sure about that. The only in my mind is to make sure that I don’t mess up the family album.@Peshla: Thanks for the flattering comments. I guess I got the “Begginer’s Luck” ;)@Sandy: The car was taken after she lost interest in it ;), so don’t hold me for stealing it :-p

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