Whats in a photo?

Think about it for a min, what is actually in a photo? Thats the first question that came to my mind when I wanted to pick up photography for a hobby. I used to think that photos were just pictures of people which we take and put it up in the family album. One day while reading National Geographic magazine, it suddenly struck me that photos need not necessarily be that of a person. I’ve been seeing photos of objects, landscapes etc, but never really paid attention to the details of it. Just looked at it and admired at it. But the day I thought about me actually taking one of those lovely sunsets, I realized that I had no clue on how to do it.
Every shot I took at capturing that essence of sunset in a picture, I failed miserably at it. They say a picture is worth thousand words, but every time I looked at my pictures, only one word came to my mind … CRAP!

During all those crappy moments, I realized that I didn’t have any natural instincts towards taking good photographs. Its one of those things some people have in them and others no matter how hard they try it, they just don’t get it. I belong to the other category. But there are others who didn’t have it and they worked really hard to develop it and thats what inspired me to at least think about learning more on photography.

So I’m going to use this space to jot my notes as I learn the things of photography. Of course I’ll have to be starting from scratch and I do need to have a camera (duh!). Since my camera is on the way I better start jotting my notes here. First set of posts would be that of my camera (D90) settings and my understanding of the terminology used in photography. From there on, I hope to build on my understanding and would be really looking forward to your comments. I know some of my friends really like to comment through email and I’ve no complaints with that. Whichever way works for you is fine. I’m just interested in comments to those posts, so keep it coming in whatever form is suitable for you.

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