Finally something to capture

Its been like 4-5 years that I’ve contemplated to buy a DSLR camera, but never managed to make up my mind. The cost was the primary factor which kept holding me back in making the purchase. The first one I was eyeing was Nikon D40. It used to be $1000 and nearly Rs 50,000 when converted. So I was waiting for it to come down, but then the technology kept growing up so fast that I just couldn’t stick with my choice. So this never ending catch-up game lasted for 5 years now. Finally when I moved to US in 2007, thought I’ll just grab the latest kid on the block, but still couldn’t do it. Don’t know why.

I had enough of this mind game and decided to just go for it. The options was either a Cannon XSi 450D or a Nikon D80/D90 models. I had bought the cannon model for a friend of mine and had used it for couple of days. Then another friend of mine bought the D90, so I had an option to look at both the models. The D90 just “felt” nice than the cannon model and hence I just went with my “feel” 😉

Though I don’t know much (in fact anything) about photography it’ll be interesting to play around with it. So watch out for some posts on photography after I get my camera shipped.

2 thoughts on “Finally something to capture

  1. Which will be soon!!!!….you will be busy clicking away for a while now, hopefully we will see a portfolio of good pictures soon.

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