As mention in my earlier post on PHS/SPCA, I finished my new volunteer orientation. The event lasted for about 2 hrs and started with a tour of the campus. They showed us different areas where the animals are sheltered – including the wild animals, followed by a short video presentation on the history of PHS.

I learnt a new thing about dogs which are kept as pets. While growing up I used to remember seeing quite a lot of posters about missing dogs/cats nailed to the trees. I used to always wonder whether they would found or not. It seems that these days, even if your pet looses it way to your home, you still have a very bright chance of getting it back. The catch is that it has to be found or taken to a humane society.

Once a dog/cat is found, it is immediately screened for micro chips in them. These are…as the name suggests micro chips implated into the animal. It carries a digital signature with the help of which it can be returned to its home. You can read more about it here.

As the event was coming to an end, I had to hear the sad part; the dog training assistant was completely filled up. So instead of going back with nothing, I signed up for a post in Behavior & Training department. So I’ve one more orientation scheduled on April, 16th before I can actually get started with it. So my wait to be with the dogs continues…

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